What makes Sammy run?

What is the Berks GOP to do?

Come spring, primary voters may see not one, but two legislators with ties to Berks on the gubernatorial ballot.

One is U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach of Chester County, whose district overlaps Berks.

Yesterday, State Rep. Sam Rohrer dropped strong hints he will join the fray.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

Mr. Rohrer, an economic conservative first elected to the House in 1992, said he would make a final decision on the race within three weeks, and that it was "more likely than not," that he would go ahead with his candidacy. The Eastern Pennsylvania lawmaker would be the third contender in the GOP field, along with Attorney General Tom Corbett and Rep. Jim Gerlach, a Chester County congressman.

"Being in the House as long as I have been ... has given me a breadth of experience that is different than the others," Mr. Rohrer said. "I have concentrated my time, not solely but significantly, on the financial and economic side of the equation.

Gerlach's and Rohrer's districts districts actually overlap each other, but their candidacies could offer distinct choices. Rohrer describes himself as a "constitutional Republican" (translation: teabagger). Gerlach's suburban Philadelphia 6th District voted for Obama 58-41% and is actually fairly progressive, which means Gerlach would not win there if he were insane.

Even though a Rohrer candidacy could tactical problems, Gerlach's flack said he welcomed the competition.

"Obviously Sam and Congressman Gerlach have served some of the same people for quite a while; folks in southeastern Pennsylvania know both of them pretty well," said Kori Walter. "But more so than geography, I think it points out the Republican voters want some competition, rather than have somebody hand-picked as the nominee."

I hear the Eagle's John Forester is on the story. Look for something Sunday.