Pesty Artist now will redirect you to the Wu Tang Clan name generator

Every wonder what your ideal stage name would be as a rap artist? Wonder no more. Enter your name in the Wu Tang Clan automatic rap name generator and find out in a (heart)beat.  

Your friendly neighborhood blogger has been rechristened, if that isn the correct verb, Pesty Artist. And in case you are wondering, which you should not be, Donald Trump is President Agent Orange.


Stupid Facebook graphic of the day, Acorn division

Here is a sage political observation made by a mangy entertainer, and what he says is important because his daddy was a country legend and he is Hank Williams Jr.


This statement demands analytical precision. Is it relevant at this instant because President Obama has just been re-inaugurated and the loyal opposition must rally to prevent any future ballot-box thievery that would deprive the presidency to Rand Paul? (Idea: Rig the electoral college.)

Or is our scruffy friend doing a body slam on House Republicans, who are not doing their job and obstructing the president's agenda by not conducting votes?

We need not turn to Yoda for the answer.

Hank Jr. has offered other intelligent observations on the political scene, such as this, delivered at a music festival in Texas:

"We've got a Muslim for a president who hates cowboys, hates cowgirls, hates fishing, hates farming, loves gays, and we hate him!"

So there you have it.  What is worth reposting, today, on the Facebooks, is Hank Jr.'s utterly rational observation that this Muslim cowboy (and cowgirl) hater only is in the White House because professional voters skewed the election by 5 million votes.

Believe it and repost as your status update. Or maybe he's like six strings shy of a tuned guitar.