Doubletree. Doubletalk.

From a story in the Reading Eagle on January 22, 2013

[L]ocal hotel officials say the county has enough lodging.

Craig Poole, general manager of the Crowne Plaza Reading hotel in Wyomissing, was unsuccessful last month when he asked City Council not to approve adding a $1 million city loan to the financing package for the $59 million Doubletree Hotel.

“A 200-room hotel won’t bring any more people to Reading,” he said. “It will take them away from the other hotels.”

Flash-forward to the Reading Eagle on November 3:

Craig Poole said he's going where he needs to be....

“I'm here for a purpose: to bring a great hotel into a city that needs it,” said Poole, 66. “I believe in my heart that this is where I need to be."

Letter writer wants to talk shit about Democrats; Reading Eagle happy to let them

With the holy-roller gay bashers somehow taking the day off, the morning paper instead ran a rant taking to task Senator Judy Schwank for opposing harassment against women or something or other:

There is, of course, a logical link between a state official checking her "moral compass," to argue that ladies should not be mistreated by pigs from Robesonia or elsewhere, and attacking (married) Bill Clinton for having sex, which he did not, because a blowjob is not sex but an "inappropriate relationship," which is "wrong."

 But that is mere haggling over how a term is defined, such as what "is" is. Let us peer instead at one of those crazy little things called facts, which often get in the way of appropriate behavior in the realm of political discourse.

Poor Monica, a 19-year-old intern, used and abused by a president whose moral compass is sticking straight out like a boner. Except...except...if she were not 19...but a grown woman, a consenting adult:

Never let that most wonderful of sources, Wikipedia, get in the way of a good scold because, sorry, Judy, this whole thing is your own damn fault so don't wave your moral compass at us but at Ted Kennedy for taking a shower with illegal transsexual immigrants smoking pot.

By the way, Randy, Kennedy's passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, was not an intern either, but a 28-year-old campaign worker.

And thank you, again, Jim Homan for keeping the Reading Eagle opinion pages clear of facts.

Jon Gosselin, who can't hold a job, thought he could live in a $290,000 house (guess how that worked out)

Oh, the sadness, the heartbreak!

Washed-up reality-TV dad Jon Gosselin have been keeping his nose clean out recently, plugging away at some credit card company, trying to scrounge some cash from Kate from her upcoming TV appearance.

Then the boom dropped.

Star has the inside skinny:

In December 2013, the dad of eight found the home of his dreams, conveniently located near ex Kate Gosselin’s property where his children permanently reside. At the time, he agreed to the terms of a rent to own lease agreement for the $299,000 property.

“Jon didn’t understand the terms of the contract and broke the lease, thinking he could just rent the property after agreeing to the rent to own the contractual agreement,” a source tells Star. “Evidently, he didn’t understand the terms of the contract.”

Since June, Jon has failed to come up with payments, and bounced multiple checks. He recently claimed he was still working with his bank to come up with a loan to pay back what he owed the owners, and hoped to continue living in the residence. “He acted like he had all this money,” the insider adds. “The owners tried to work with him, and he’d get cocky and claim he could easily pay for the house in cash.”

Added E!:

"The job at the credit card company he was working for didn't pan out. The anticipated income wasn't there and the situation deteriorated."

Jon hasn't (as of now) joined the ranks of funk legend Sly Stone and (the movieland) Richard Gere, but finding a place to park his eight youngsters has proven daunting:

"The saddest part of it is he now has nowhere to take the kids. He's not allowed at the house, so he was taking them to his old apartment. But the new one is too small for eight children. It's heartbreaking."

Heartbreaking indeed.

Cannot another credit-card company cut the poor guy some slack? (M&T? Santander?) And is not tattletale author Robert Hoffman paying Jon any royalties for the book Robert wrote based on scandalous docs leaked by Jon?

I smell another lawsuit brewing.

Until then, throw money. And maybe you should cut down on the smokes, Jon.

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